Your Talent Solution

Talution Group is a leader in IT consulting services in Chicago, serving clients locally and across the country.

IT consultants we provide:

.NET developer
Business analyst
Data architect
Java developer
Systems administrator
Scrum master
Software quality analyst/engineer
Software engineer
UI developer
Product manager
Product analyst
Project manager
Network/systems engineer
IT support


Contract IT staffing.

Meet project deadlines and take on new challenges, confident that you can quickly access skilled IT professionals for long or short term contracts. Access tough-to-find talent without adding to your permanent headcount.


Try a contract employee to evaluate their work at your location. Extend a full-time offer once you are confident they fit your needs and the company culture.

Direct hire.

Talution Group finds and presents the best technical talent – people with the expertise to handle your most challenging projects and the demeanor to work within your corporate culture.

Take a strategic approach to technical talent sourcing. Bring on specialized consultants for projects without committing to a permanent hire. Talution Group provides IT support for financial services, software development and consulting and can completely staff your office. As one of the leading IT consulting firms in Chicago, Talution Group has a unique understanding of what makes IT candidates great. Our IT recruiters work with a variety of clients across the country, giving us the experience necessary to make quality hires for any IT project.

Here’s what we do:

  • Discuss and understand your hiring needs
  • Identify potential candidates from multiple sources
  • Perform initial phone or in-person screens
  • Administer any assessments you request
  • Coordinate and schedule interviews
  • Share interview feedback from the candidate
  • Negotiate contract rate
  • Provide ongoing support for the duration of the assignment

Build a contract IT talent sourcing strategy today with Talution.